Confused about the differences between CSCS Health & Safety @ Roadworks and Signing, Lighting & Guarding @ Roadworks? Read on….

If I had a Euro for every time we’re asked about the difference between the SOLAS Health & Safety at Roadworks and Signing, Lighting and Guarding at Roadworks courses, I would be writing this post from my holiday home in Barbados!!

Before you attend or decide to send somebody on either of these courses, you should be clear as to which one is required.

Aside from the differences in cost and course duration, these courses differ in terms of course complexity and what tasks the qualification enables candidates to complete during the course of their work.

CSCS SLG @ Roadworks

1. This is the 3-day course.

2. The SLG cardholder is essentially responsible for the signing, lighting and guarding arrangements on a particular site

3. The SLG cardholder must be onsite at all times when road signing, lighting and guarding is being installed, modified or removed on the roadway

4. Only an SLG cardholder can monitor the SLG arrangements and ensure they remain in place

5. If there are any changes being made to SLG arrangements already in place, these must be made by an SLG cardholder

6. If there’s an SLG issue, the SLG cardholder must be available to attend at short notice (so basically, if they are not onsite, they must be nearby at all times)

CSCS Health & Safety @ Roadworks

1. This is a one-day course.

2. This course enables the cardholder to work under the SLG cardholder

3. This course enables the cardholder to clean / correct a sign on the road, or replace a sign that might have been moved or dislodged.

4. The role of the CSCS cardholder does not extend to changing the temporary traffic management arrangements / configuration, unless under the direct supervision of the SLG cardholder.

In short, anybody holding the CSCS Health & Safety @ Roadworks card is limited to moving a sign from one place to another (after being told where to move it to).  The Signing, Lighting & Guarding @ Roadworks cardholder is the person who has the actual ‘power’ when it comes to making a decision onsite, and must be available onsite to monitor SLG arrangements and the Health & Safety @ Roadworks cardholders.

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