Is Timber Frame Housing good for builders?

Undoubtedly, timber frame housing reduces carbon emissions in the construction sector. But are there any other benefits for builders? Offsite construction reduces the demand for scarce onsite labour. Costs are reasonably fixed and more predictable, and speed of construction is obviously a key benefit. 

The Irish Timber Frame Manufacturers Association (ITFMA) give details of more benefits in this article

There is also an interesting article on the subject on the construction news website:  

Nonetheless, like most things in life, there are disadvantages:

  • Additional design and engineering time, but a quicker on-site build
  • Supply chain issues
  • Price increases
  • Lack of experienced builders and erection crews
  • Transportation and cranage costs
  • Exposure to weather before enclosed
  • Susceptibility to decay if exposed to moisture
  • Fire resistance concerns
  • Acoustic sound performance


Either way, the use of timber frame housing is increasing, so it is a good idea to gather as much information on it as possible.

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