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Frequently Asked Question

Must Do Training is a leading provider of health and safety training courses, offering a wide range of certifications to individuals and businesses.
Must Do Training offers a variety of courses including Safe Pass, Manual Handling, First Aid, CSCS certification courses, machinery training, and more.
Yes, all Must Do Training courses are certified and comply with relevant regulations and standards.
Must Do Training courses are held at various locations across Ireland including Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Sligo. In-house training options are also available for businesses.
Course durations vary depending on the specific certification, ranging from one day for some courses like Safe Pass, to several days for more comprehensive training programs.
Most Must Do Training courses do not require prior experience, although some advanced courses may have prerequisites or recommended experience levels.
Booking a course with Must Do Training is easy. You can visit our website to view upcoming course dates and locations, and then simply register online or contact us directly to reserve your spot.
Must Do Training stands out for its commitment to quality, experienced trainers, comprehensive course offerings, and dedication to ensuring a safe and compliant working environment for all participants.
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