Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Carcinogens, Mutagens or Reprotoxic substances) Regulations 2024

Most of you will be familiar with these new regulations. The HSA has issued a new code of practice detailing new occupational exposure levels (OELs) and even more important new levels to be introduced soon.

Though I’m not an expert, it seems to me that these will have serious consequences for construction. As well as the obvious toxic chemicals, these regulations also cover substances widely used in construction; Asbestos, Lead, Benzene (diesel fumes), etc. Permitted lead levels have reduced 5 fold, Asbestos levels are scheduled (see Code of Practice) to reduce 10 fold in 2025. A huge amount of Asbestos was used in all construction up to 2000. How will this effect the 500,000 homes to be retrofitted, not to mention maintenance work on offices, hospitals, schools and other buildings?

Training is included among the numerous requirements on employers. We have some qualified and experienced trainers available to deliver the training mentioned. Like all our training this can be delivered on-site (or on-line if required). Please contact us for more details.

Information and Training of Employees

9. (1) The employer shall take appropriate measures to ensure that employees receive appropriate training and information concerning— (a) potential risks to health, including any synergistic effects from other exposures, (b) precautions to be taken to prevent exposure, (c) hygiene requirements, (d) the wearing and use of protective equipment and clothing, (e) steps to be taken by employees including those to be taken during rescue operations, in the case of incidents and to prevent incidents, (f) the consequences for employees’ health or safety of the selection, wearing and use of protective clothing and equipment, and (g) installations and related containers containing carcinogens, mutagens or reprotoxic substances and the significance of the labelling, warning and hazard signs.

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